Your Mind Or Your Spirit - What Drives You?

Has your mind taken over your spirit?

For most of us, we are driven by what seems to be our needs - emotions and wants. Those needs and wants are driven largely by what we perceive success to be. These perception are created by our masters…


Yes, masters. I’m talking about the masters who taught and teach us how to think and behave. Some of these masters condition us over time, others plant triggers in our heads, better know as subliminal.

Let me explain… When I say masters I’m talking about our parents, teachers and peers. I’m also talking about the media, advertisers and clever marketers. Together they make us formidable machines that are driven by unconscious minds. We literally become machines that will behave in an almost pre-programmed manner, irrespective of whether the current situation warrants the usual behaviour.

It works like this:

In a relationship I act out the kind of behaviour I saw my parents act out.

In life, I act out the kind of metaphors my parents gave me - work hard for a living, money doesn’t grow on tress. I live these day-in, day-out.

When I sit down to watch TV I like to sit down with food. If I forget the advertisers remind me. Before I know it I’m in the kitchen hunting food, despite the fact I want to lose weight and have good dietary habits during the rest of the day.

The trick is to reverse the cycle - get the spirit to drive the mind. Here is how:

1. Sit down in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Now ask your spirit where it would like you to go next on your life path.

2. When you have an answer consider the possibilities of what needs to be done to get you on that path. Don’t get any fixed or rigid ideas.

3. Create a plan that you think might work and begin to probe and see if things work.

4. Monitor what happens. See where the plan works and see where it takes you where it doesn’t. Be aware at all times of when the mind kicks in and tries to take over, saying you ‘should do this‘ or ‘you should do that.’ Whenever the mind takes control you begin to run on auto-pilot. You have to become what they call in quantum physics, the observer.

How do I become the observer?

Simple. You have to learn to monitor your thoughts and begin to question them. By questioning them you become aware of them and can then chose which ones serve you and which ones don‘t. This is much more profitable than making the same mistake ten times and wondering why you keep getting the same result. The question here is always about who is in control…

Was the spirit driving the mind or was the mind driving the spirit?

Love and Good Wishes