Creation Versus  Evolution

This discussion views human being from a i) creation and ii) evolution viewpoint.

creation: man is special, different from animals, put here for a purpose, God is in control.

evolution: man is nothing special, just an advanced animal; man is an "accident of nature", man is in control.

These two world-views of creation and evolution say very different things about who we are, why we are here, and who is ultimately in control.

 These two different outlooks tend to lead to radically different behaviours.

The creation. viewpoint gives value to all human beings. Humans were thought up and brought into being by a loving God who created us "in his own image" (Genesis 1:27). Though we are not divine, nevertheless have divine  characteristics that give us a value way beyond the rest of creation. God created us with the ability to live in a loving relationship with himself, a relationship that can extend through all eternity. This means that we have great potential to grow and develop all the unique qualities that have been given to each of us. Ron Sider in an article in Christianity Today.

He says:

Every part of God's creation is very good and very special because it results from the loving design of Almighty God...As persons created in the divine image we are very special. The dignity and worth of every human being flows from the divine decree, not human decision. Our essential dignity does not come from government fiat (decree), social usefulness, or self-actualisation. It comes from the Creator of the galaxies who selected human beings alone out of the almost infinite multitudes of the created order to bear the divine image. No matter how poor and defenceless, old and weak, crippled and deformed, young and helpless, human beings enjoy a God-given worth and dignity that sets them apart from the rest of creation.

The Evolutionary viewpoint teaches that people are nothing but "higher animals" ... a naked ape. If this is what we are taught, then we shouldn't be surprised when the value of human life is discounted. . Evolution has no ground on which absolute morals can be based and leads to relativistic thinking nor does it provide an explanation for why our inner sense of moral values should even exist.