Walking with Confidence

How can an individuals self-confidence be portrayed in their walk? Self-confidence is a persons own view about himself and his capabilities. Walking is one of the most basic human tasks and usually won’t require a conscious effort, therefore, walking takes the focus off his a persons outward apparel and tells us a lot about their personality. Walking depicts a person’s ability to carry themselves in any kind of situation.

Walk Faster to Build an Image
Walking faster can improve your self-confidence in a variety of ways. It has been found by surveys that people who walk a little fast are seen as important. It gives the impression that they are busily involved in significant tasks. It's is all about projecting a confident image for others to see.

Walk for the Benefits
Leaving a good impression through walking is not the same as gaining the benefits of walking, benefits that will last a lifetime.

When someone exercises regularly, they will eventually start to feel the benefits of exercising. Physical effects include improved cardio vascular function and stronger muscles. Exercising also has beneficial effects on the mind resulting in i) improved mental function due to increased  oxygen and blood flow to the brain and ii) increased happiness resulting from the release of endorphins the “happy” hormones.

Here are some tips on how to properly walk with a goal towards improving self-confidence:

Walking a little faster enhances the benefits of walking. An individual should consciously try to increase their walking speed by at least 10% , ensuring that they can comfortably walk without excessive conscious effort. However, make sure that you do not walk too fast. Walking too fast will make a person look stressed  and impatient.

Look Up!

When walking, a person should not stare at the ground, instead they should hold their head up to eye level and maintain it there.  This will create opportunities to make eye contact with other people. It’s a thus a non verbal way of greeting someone.
Sway Away
When walking, the natural swaying of the arms should not be restricted nor enhanced. Restricting this natural motion will make an individual look stiff,  while swaying too much will draw the wrong attention.

Walking tall
Walking doesn’t require much effort however; walking with confidence requires practice. Walking tall is unconsciously saying that you are taller/bigger than the challenges in your life.