Shake Hands to Improve Self-Confidence
Body language portrays a person’s self-confidence. Shaking hands is a big part
of a person’s body language. First impressions are based partly on how a
person shakes another's hand.

Handshakes can be traced back into Ancient Egypt, to approximately 2,800 B.C, when, the right hand was used to wield a weapon. When a someone offered a clean, unarmed right hand , it is a sign of peace and goodwill.  Handshakes have endured the test of time and it is still widely accepted as a form of social greeting in modern times.

As stated above, handshakes are more than simple gestures since they can embody a person’s self-confidence. Handshakes can go extremely wrong because of nervousness or excitement which can then result in moments of awkwardness, to say the least.
There are several well-known forms of handshakes which should be avoided doing. They are:-

1) Palm Crusher
The palm crusher is a painful handshake, which is normally unintentional.

2) Sloppy
This can best be described as  lifeless, as is such creates the impression that the individual lacks interest and sincerity.

3) Hand Sanitizer
A handshake is a “hand sanitizer” handshake if someone: makes minimal contact with the other person’s hand; or if he overtly wipes his hand after the handshake. It often creates anger in the recipient.
What is the correct way to shake someone's hand?

Listed below are the simple steps in making a handshake:-

• Approach the person whom you want to shake hands with
• Make eye contact with him/her
• Give him/her a warm smile
• Extend your right hand towards him/her at a comfortable angle
• When he/she extend his/her hand, grasp it until the webs of the palms meet
• Shake a few times
• Make an introduction or a greeting
• End the handshake after 3 to 4 seconds

If you are seated when someone approaches you and offers a handshake, courtesy  dictates that you should stand up before shaking their hand. If you are unable to offer your right hand, offer your left instead.

A handshake is more than a simple gesture, it can leave a lasting impression. Practicing good handshaking can help you to leave the desired impression.