Fear: The Natural Enemy of Self Confidence
According to recent studies fear is an enemy that hindered self confidence. These studies have concluded that  ”fear thought” is an illness that can be detected. It largely arises from negative thought patterns, wherein the mind is allowed  consistently to dwell on doubts and failure If unchecked, fear will grow until it adversely affects every area of a persons life. This power will become great, when  freely allowed, affecting your life to a less or greater degree in virtually every undertaking.

Here are some factors that contribute to fear:

1. Being in close contact with unfamiliar people and surroundings.

2. Loss of security by the removal of special people and material possessions.

3. Occasions where current circumstances trigger memories of bad past experiences.

4. Fear of Rejection

5 Fear of Failure

6. Having a vivid (negative) imagination.

How to Combat fear by developing self-confidence.

1. Emphasize your strengths.

2. Talk to yourself in a positive light.

3. Judge yourself fairly in a balanced manor. Do you rely solely on how others perceive you.

4. Take responsible risks, accepting that you would win or lose.

Remember, self-confidence can be developed and fear can be overcome.