Improving Self-Confidence through Eye Contact
It’s a cliché to say that "the eyes are the windows to the soul", but they are, in more ways than one, . The eyes are also the mirrors of self-confidence. A person can easily assess another person’s self-confidence by engaging in eye contact. People with low self-confidence hate making eye contact;  they tend to turn away, often focusing on the ground.

As human's the eyes are one of the first things that we notice when looking at another's face.  They can leave a strong impression well after the person has left our view.  When asked to describe  a persons appearance, it’s fairly common to hear someone comment on the persons eyes e.g.  “they had beautiful eyes” . The eyes can make very strong statements in a single glance, an action which other parts of the body are unable to replicate. Imagine a short film which entirely comprises of a human face with tears slowly filling the eyes before rolling down the cheeks. 

Without uttering a word, the eyes can reveal a lot about an individual. Someone who is trying to hide their unhappiness can never completely remove the sadness form his eyes, the eyes can tell stories that are never meant to be told. They can decipher thoughts and insecurities  which are engraved in the deepest parts of one’s soul.

As a meter to one’s self-confidence. The eyes play a large role in the building and maintaining of relationships, both personal and professional.

A romantic encounter

If a man sees a woman at a social event,  and if he likes what he sees, he will regularly look at her while she is not looking.  
Once the woman in question looks back, he will try to hold her stare for a few seconds before turning  away.  This action would be repeated a few times, with each glance being slightly more prolonged than it's predecessor. The man would only approach the woman if her eye contact and body language were sending a favourable message.
Job Interviews
The outcome of an interview is often determined in the first few minutes, thus first impressions matter.  Making eye contact will portray confidence, and enable the interviewee  to effectively express both themselves and their knowledge of the subject area. 
Speaking in Public
One of the main factors that can make or break the delivery of a presentation to an audience is eye contact.  It helps the speaker to get and maintain the  attention of their audience. Making eye contact with the audience also gives a personal feel to it, making the members of the audience feel like the
message is being delivered to them personally.

Making eye contact is an essential tool if you want to express yourself and obtain the desired response from others.