Using Daily Affirmations
Affirmations are declarations of ones beliefs and determines you view and interacts with the world.  One of the foundations of self-confidence and the way one can deal with the world.
Businessmen, civil servants, students,  politicians,,,;  in fact people from all walks of life use affirmations to keep themselves motivated. Affirmations are a useful way of  way of reminding us about the choices we have made and the goals we aspire to.

Many t people go through life without setting goals. A US study found that on 3% of college students actively set goals. Interestingly,  this  3% eventually went on to realize their goals and earn a higher income than the rest other  97%. This is a truly startling finding, and it clearly demonstrates the association between setting goals and the attainment of success.
People with goals have more confidence, largely because they are able to measure themselves against a benchmark. Over time, they are able to see the progress they have made and know what they need to do next to achieve the nest milestone. 
In the West, we are  actively 'on the go' all the time. It is easy for time to go by without conscious direction to the desired destination.  Affirmations are a way of keeping your goals and aspirations in view.
When goals are forgotten, time is wasted and a person can look back at their lack of achievement consequently lose their self-esteem and confidence. If this continues for a protracted period of time they will eventually give up.

Affirmation are autosuggestions.  Autosuggestion is a declaration of an intention or a goal, that's stated over and over again until someone mentally accepts the statement as truth. The declarations mobilizes the persons resources and effort towards the attainment of stated goals.  It involves the harnessing of the power of the subconscious; it is a form of self-hypnosis. 
Visualization is a type of auto suggestion, where someone 'sees' a desirable future event. It can involve all the senses, even taste and smell. The objective is to create a compelling vision that the mind will accept and begin working towards the fulfilment of it.

Sports psychology has made use of autosuggestion and visualization. When motivated, we can all mentally programming themselves to peruse and  achieve a specific goal. 
The opposite is also true. A person can fall into a negative thought pattern, which ultimately leads to failure. Our brains cannot make a distinction between positive and negative suggestions.  Thus, the wording of the affirmation is very important; it is always better to declare a statement in a positive rather than a negative light. e.g. if a person wants to stop smoking, their statement should not be “I will not smoke", as their mind will focus on “smoke.”  It would always be better to say, “I will look after my health and breath clean air”.  

The more positive the affirmation the more powerful the effect. Affirmations must be stated daily, thus programming the mind for success.