A Positive Attitude Can Take You Places
Have you ever noticed that it is never really quiet inside our own mind? Try it. Sit quietly in a corner, away from others for a few minutes an notice just how active your mind is. As long as the our senses continue to feed us sensory
data from the environment, we will not be able to stop ourselves from thinking.
In prehistoric times, man relied on his instincts to survive. Scientists have called this the fight-flight response in which a person instantly chooses to fight and overcome his adversary or run away to survive.
The body, perceiving a threat, increases and opens up its stores and energizes the necessary cells to prepare for a fight or a run. The body becomes more alert, blood is diverted to the muscles and sugar and fat are burned more rapidly.
In modern times, the fight-flight response is still useful in a minimal capacity for self preservation e.g. when physically attacked.
For the average civilian, the only violence encountered is that which is shown in increasing amounts on television. However, most people don’t realize the immense suffering and pain that they inflict upon themselves via their own negative mental processes. 
This occurs when normal fight-flight responses spills over into social situation do not warrant an extreme response. Such extreme responses, which manifests as stress, may be due negative childhood or traumatic experience, genetics, domestic or work pressures ....etc. 
The only way to overcome these extremely stressful situations is to train yourself to see it another way. Cultivating a "positive” attitude will enable you to rise above many of life pressures.  To accomplish this you need to view life as:-
-  A journey
Don’t worry about the destination, enjoy the journey. Everyone makes mistakes. If you make one, accept it, learn from it and move on.
-  Something to enjoyed
Taking life taken too seriously can cause stress if things don't go according to plan. Laugh, have fun and above all be flexible.  Accept that most things are perfect, but encompass a degree of acceptance and compromise. Expect the unexpected and 'go with the flow'.
Life is about finding your purpose(s) and fulfilling it. Whether an individual is a a house wife or president of a Third World nation,  a “positive” person fulfils their role with two feet on the ground and their eyes fixed on the future.
- Half full, not half empty
Watch any news program it it will soon become clear that society that our society publicises bad news while skipping over good news. This method of reporting is totally opposite to what is required.  Life depends on how you see it. A person with a positive attitude adopts  an optimistic yet realistic outlook.
An optimistic realist knows that things can go wrong, but does not the knowledge stop them perusing their dreams via well thought out plans. These individuals do not allow fear to dictate their actions, but take time to
analyse the reasons behind their fear and take counteractive actions as necessary.
- Help and support others
A “positive” person is an agent of change and does not hesitating in helping others. They are aware that they too will one day need help and will need the help/support of others. Thus by helping others, they are ultimately
helping themselves.

Having a positive attitude will definitely take an individual places.