An Introduction to Addictive Disorders
The term "Addictive Disorders" refers to certain physical and psychological
cravings/emotional attachments to substances, people or things.
These cravings or attachments continue, despite the fact that they cause the
addicted person, (and at times others) harm.  The addictive disorders that are
discussed in this section of our site, are considered progressive in nature,
chronic (long lasting) and cyclic (reoccurring).

There are some alarming facts to consider regarding addictive disorders. Recent
CIC studies (employee assistance provider) found :-
    - 1 in 5 employees have existing or potential alcohol or other drug problems
    -  Around 10% of accidents in the workplace are alcohol related
    -  Up to 14 million working days are lost due to alcohol related absenteeism
      each year, nationwide across all sectors
    - The annual cost to industry of alcohol misuse has been estimated at £6.4
      billion and that of drug misuse at £800 million
Alarmingly, alcohol-related deaths have nearly doubled in the UK since 1991, according to newly released government statistics. In 1991, there were 4,144 alcohol-related deaths reported. By 2005, the number had jumped to 8,386.

The Office for National Statistics describes an alcohol-related death as one that is caused by diseases or conditions related to alcohol consumption, including liver disease and pancreatitis. Deaths resulting from mental and behavioural disorders, degeneration of the nervous system, poisoning and gastric and heart problems can also be linked to drinking.

Far more men than women accounted for the new numbers. In 2005, the male death rate was 17.9 per 100,000, while the female rate was 8.3 per 100,000. The highest amount of alcohol-related deaths was seen in the 55 to 74 age group for both sexes - 43.4 per 100,000 men and 19.2 per 100,000 women.

With Addictive Disorders playing such a large and important part in our society, this section will present an overview of the issues surrounding the disorders. This includes providing information about some of the most common addictions in society today, along with an outline of the treatments that are available.

Other topics in this section are detailed below:-

Understanding Addiction
Factors in Addiction
Addictive Behaviour
Drugs, & Alcohol
Recovery Tools
Treatment Alternatives
Support & Recovery
Healthy Living Tips
Rewards & Resources