Positive Thinking Strategies For Women

To change your life, you must change your thinking. Unfortunately that is easier said than done. Those in the medical, scientific and religious communities can agree that there is power in positive thinking. The mind is a powerful tool to discipline the body. Positive thinking affirmations become a useful way to reach that end.

Positive Affirmations.
It seems easy to throw out negative statements about ourselves. "I am fat," is a cruel and negative statement that doesn't inspire much confidence in a life. Positive affirmations are statements that dispel negative beliefs. Instead say, "I like myself like I am and am comfortable with my weight." That sounds much better and makes you feel that way too.

A positive affirmation gives you a way to fight against negative thinking. When you think in positive ways it is possible to change your life one step at a time.

What Affirmations Work for You?
What are your negative thoughts? Most of the time, they are so commonplace that we don't even know we are filling our minds with them. Whatever your thoughts here is a list of positive affirmations that can get the ball rolling.

•     I heal quickly from illness or injury

•     My body is the picture of good health

•     I have found more reasons to be grateful because I feel grateful right now

•     I deserve to be loved by others

•     When I show love to someone, it is given back to me tenfold

•     I have found a wonderful soul mate and we are happy together

•     My body weight is just right for me

•     My choices are positive and healthy

•     When I have a need or feelings, I express them

•    I am special just as I am - creative, unique and wonderful

•    I learn to do things with little effort or assistance

•     I am just fine being me and no one else

•     My feelings are important and a part of who I am

•     I find great satisfaction in doing my job

•     I communicate with others clearly and effectively

•     There is nothing wrong with wanting more for myself

•     I gain more wealth each day

•     My energy level is limitless

•     I have a calm mind

•     I control the thoughts in my head

•     I find success in all that I pursue

Do any of these affirmations leap off the page at you? They are quite compelling. Many may stir emotions in you because you are dealing with these situations right now. You are not alone. Many women all over the world feel just as you do. Start with this list and change your life. If you have a weight problem, eliminate the negative self-talk and replace it with one of these affirmations. Positive thinking is strength for the challenges ahead.

Change your thoughts by using positive affirmations to direct them. Totally eliminating negative thoughts takes time, practice and patience on your part. It does work and will get easier as you go along. Don't give up on yourself and give the process a try.