Values and the Media

"With power comes great responsibility".

The media is responsible for both reflecting values of a society and creating new ones. By values we mean what an individual and society at large considers important. 'The pen is mightier than the sword' goes an old proverb. It has been proved over and over again since the advent of writing and development of the media. Today the media consists of books, television, movies, music, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers etc. Each of them have evolved as a powerful medium in their own right.

Values lie at the core of the society. They evolve and change over time. What was considered taboo 20 years ago is a way of life today. This is easily identified in the increasingly liberal attitude towards sex and violence.

Fortunately for the advertisers, their audiences values can be easily influenced by the things they broadcast and print. As humans we tend to accept the repeated messages with little resistance. In other words, we become passive and allow the message to sink into our psyche; altering our consciousness.

Therefore the media's messages shapes society by directly influencing, even determining, what we find acceptable, unacceptable, ugly, beautiful and even what we aspire to be.

Herein lies the power of the media.