Weight Loss Tips
Below are 10 weight loss tips to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
1. GP
It is advisable to talk to your GP if you have a health concern, an existing health condition, or need to discuss the amount of weight you should aim to lose.
2. Diet Diary
Individuals who keep a diary of their food intake have a much better chance of succeeding with their diet than those who don't. 
For the best results, write down everything that you eat or drink for a few weeks.  In addition to what you have consumed, document the time, location, your emotional state and whether or not you have exercised.

Make sure that i) you include everything that you have consumed and ii) you maintain your eating habits while you're keeping your food diary.

After a few days review the diary in order to see what you have been eating, when, where and why.  The outcome of the exercise may surprise you; as it often reveals habits and emotional states that result in you consuming extra calories.  Armed with this information, work out tactics to help you resist giving in to temptation at those weaker moments. e.g. eat a price of fruit rather than eating a bar of chocolate.

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3. Eat  on a regular basis
Eating regularly will i) delay hunger by maintaining your blood sugar levels for longer periods and ii) reduce the temptation to snack thus helping you maintain your metabolic rate.
4. Physical Activity
Exercising on a regular basis means performing at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise 4-5 days per week. The exercise undertaken can be any physical activity that has the effect of increasing your heart rate, making you mildly out of breath and sweaty. e.g. brisk walking, heavy house work, swimming, energetic gardening or cycling. 
This will bring health benefits (see. Fitness Tips,  and help you to lose / maintain your weight (see. Healthy Eating Tips).
5. Portion Size
Be aware of the portion sizes  that you are consuming.  Eat large portions of fruit and veg, small portions of fatty and sugary foods and moderate portions of other foods groups.
6. Family
Ask for your families support and participation e.g. family walks.  Make meal times a healthy eating event e.g. utilising low fat spreads, fruit and vegetables.
7. Acknowledge you Success
Acknowledge your success with  a reward when you have reached your goal or passed a milestone long the way.  You deserve it!
8. Nutritional Supplements
Restricting food intake, may result in the consumption of reduced amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Seek the advise of a pharmacist.  
9. Accept that some days will be better than others.
Losing weight is often a lengthy and difficult process. Don't expect an overnight miracle, take things a days at a time, while all the time being aware that some days will be better than others.
10. Healthy Eating
Incorporate healthy eating, as a natural part of your daily diet. (see. Healthy Eating Tips)


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