How Healthy are you Quiz
Below are 10 healthy eating questions, the answers and a short interpretation of the results.
1 How many calories does a 10-minute brisk walk use up?
a 10 calories
b 70 calories
c 300 calories

2 How many of these foods could be truly classified as low fat?
a 8g fat per 100g
b 3g fat per 100g
c 24g fat per 100g

3 How many teaspoons of sugar in a can of fizzy pop?
a 0
b 4
c 7
4 How many teaspoons of sugar in a can of diet drink?
a 0
b 4
c 7
5 What has more calories?
a 1oz of peanuts
b 1oz of raisins
6 What is the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables?
a 5 portions
b 1 portion
c 3 portions
7 How long does it take for your stomach to tell your brain that you are full?
a 5 minutes
b 20 minutes
c 30 minutes
8 Which of these is the highest in calories?
a olive oil
b vegetable oil
c they are both the same
9 You know you are hungry when . . .
a you pass a chip shop and smell chips
b you haven't eaten for a while and your stomach is rumbling
c you are at the movies and buy popcorn and juice
10 What uses up the most calories?
a jogging a mile
b walking a mile
c 30 minutes of vigorous housework
    1.    b-Around 70 calories. The heavier the individual, however, the more
           weight will be burned off.
    2.    b-3g fat per 100g. Make sure you look closely at the nutrition levels
           rather than taking "low fat" labelling for granted.

    3.    c-There are seven spoons of sugar in the average can of fizzy drink.

    4.    a-There is no sugar in the average diet pop.
    5.    a-A small bag of peanuts has far more calories, despite the raisins
           tasting sweeter.
    6.    a-Five portions have been proven to help protect against disease.
    7.    b-Around 20mins so try to eat more slowly so that feelings of fullness
           have time to develop. This will stop you nibbling straight after a meal
           because you still feel hungry.
    8.    c-They are both the same. Look carefully at calorie content on labels.
    9.    b-Your stomach rumbling is a physical sign that you are needing to eat.
           There is an important difference between head hunger  and real hunger.
           You may just fancy a taste of something, are bored, or in the habit of
           buying snacks at certain times. It is important to know the difference.
           Learn to distract yourself from unnecessary grazing by phoning a friend,
           going for a walk etc.
    10.   c-You don't require lycra or a gym membership to get active. Around
            the house use a duster, vacuum, or do the ironing, just get moving. If
            you are on the phone, stand or wander around the house instead of
            sitting. You will burn calories.

Most correct. You are well clued up. Keep active and ensure balanced nutrition in your diet.
Keep applying the healthy principles to day-to-day life.
Half right. You have some awareness of weight management but should work on gaining knowledge about the kind of food you eat and what is healthy. Keep a food diary and get more active.
Fewer than five correct. Don't despair, you are in the majority. Learn from the quiz. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake and cut out sugary drinks. Remember to get your body moving. Carry a basket round the shops instead of pushing a trolley – little things will make a big difference.