Healthy Eating - 10 Lifestyle Changing Steps          
To make some lasting lifestyle changes you will need to consider the role of your beliefs, thoughts and behaviour. The following top ten tips for a positive psychological approach to weight loss will get you started.

1. Set realistic and achievable goals – first aim to improve your health and then weight loss will follow!

2. Measure your progress in many ways – use waist and hip measurements, blood pressure, and other health goals – not just weight.

3. Overcoming obstacles to weight loss – start listening to your body - eat only when you’re hungry.

4. Develop a healthy eating plan – eat a wide range of healthy foods and keep an eye on the fat content as well as the energy level (or kilojoule content) of foods. Increase your intake of fibre and fruits and vegetables.

5. Increase healthy activity and fitness – enjoy short bouts of exercise every day –  choose activities that you really enjoy doing.

6. Enjoy your body and appearance now – don’t wait until you reach a magic weight first - enjoy yoga, go to the hairdresser, pamper yourself.

7. Make the most of your relationships with others – express your feelings and needs. Value and care for yourself as well as for others.

8. Focus on the positive health changes that you are making – lower cholesterol and lipid levels, improved blood pressure and a healthier heart.

9. Plan for the future - work out what situations you might find difficult (eg. holidays, stress) and develop a plan to deal with the difficult situations in advance.

10. Plan to maintain your weight and lifestyle changes – keep monitoring your progress and plan to increase your activity level over time.


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