In this section we will outline some practical methods to assist you in your endeavours to triumph over depression. The term 'depression' is a part of our everyday language. Occasionally, everyone will have experienced feeling sad, fed up, apathetic or grumpy.

Individuals often use the term depressed when they actually mean dissatisfied or upset e.g. failure to secure a job after an interview. These are the normal ups and downs of life, that the vast majority of us will experience and recover from relatively quickly.With genuine depression, moodiness can persist daily for a minimum of a fortnight and become so intense that it interferes with the every day affairs of your life. Roughly two thirds of adults go through depression from time to time. Occasionally it's moderate and lasts a few weeks, but about one in six adults occasionally have severe depression. A few people have at least two episodes of depression at different time in their life.

This section contains the following information about depression:-


- Symptoms
- Causes     
- Treatment     
- Do's and Don'ts     
- Depressed or Sad
- Tests
- Overcoming Depression Through Faith
- Teenagers & Children


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