Complimentary (Alternative) Medicine
Complimentary medicine is the use of alternative health care such as medicinal treatments/procedures or herbal remedies instead of (or in addition to) that which would be prescribed by standard medical practice.
Herbal Remedy
A herbal remedy is any medication (i.e. chemical substance) prepared from natural plants. When using herbal remedies, one should be very cautious about dosage since herbal potency can vary greatly depending on the source of the herb. Before trying a herb, it would be prudent to consult your doctor or an experienced herbalist. In this instance "natural" does not necessarily mean "safe"; as some herbal remedies are chemically similar to pharmaceutical medications
Complimentary medicine aims to heal a disorder or disease, using techniques  which are not yet formally embraced by mainstream medicine. Many of these techniques have a long history of use in traditional healing, others have been recently developed. Whether old or new, the distinguishing characteristic of an alternative medicine is that it's therapeutic value is based on anecdotal accounts rather than controlled scientifically proven studies.
The lack of scientific evidence does not necessarily rule out a true therapeutic value, but means that complimentary medicine is  not  recognized by the medicine establishment. In addition to the the lack of a scientific base,  uncertainty, limited regulation and occasional exploitation, means that care should be taken when selecting treatment. Forms of alternative medicine include:-