"One of the best treatments for mind body and soul". Yes, just a common old bath, but with a few added ingredients and a new way of looking at it.

What is a bath?
"A tub full of water to clean the body".
That’s fine if you are a child but us grown-ups know better. From now on let’s treat our bath time as a ritual. Bathing is an ancient tradition dating back to Egypt and later the roman spas.

Fantastic pick-me-up
You have had a hard day at work, you desperately need sleep but you have already arranged a night out. What do you do to make yourself feel better? Run a cool bath and add a few drops of rosemary aromatherapy oil. This is great for stimulating and refreshing tired muscles. You only need to stay in the bath for a short time to gain the benefit. It works a lot quicker than a cool shower because all of your muscles are relaxed at the same time. The aromatherapy oil also has the benefit of stimulating the mind.

Relaxing bathing
The relaxing bath only works if you have time. To make the most of your bath, follow these simple guidelines. Run the hot water first and add aroma oils. Either lavender (which ease aches and pains and soothe the nervous system) or sandalwood (that will aid relaxation and induces sleep). Make sure that the bathroom door is shut so the aroma does not escape. Now add cold water. Make sure that the water is not too hot as it may dehydrate the skin and damage delicate capillaries, causing red veins. Use candlelight for lighting the area. If you have scented ones make sure that they are relaxing.

Candlelight is easier on the eye than electric bulbs, and also adds to relaxation. Bath pillows are a must, and if possible, relaxing music to soothe the soul. Add extra hot water as required. The best time to have this type of bath is prior to sleep, and you can be sure you will be ready for a good sleep!

Milk Bath
This is what I call the Cleopatra experience. When you have a real need to pamper your self, try this out. Set the mood as with the relaxing bath but this time, the ingredients you add are slightly richer. You will need a 500-gram bag of whole powder milk and 5 drops of rose essential oil. This can be expensive, but the experience is worth treating yourself. Add these items into the hot running water. You might need to mix with a hand whisk to disperse the powder. Then top up with cold water, and remember not too hot. Step in and enjoy…. pure luxury!

Sea Salt Bath
For this treatment you will need a bath and a shower, but it is well worth the effort. This is an "at home" spa treatment. The ingredients are four handfuls of Dead Sea salt and five drops of lavender oil. The Dead Sea salts have a very high concentration of minerals, which enter the body through the pores. They have a natural therapeutic effect on the skin, which benefits the whole body. Part of this process is natural exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells). Because the minerals in Dead Sea salt are the same as in our bodies they are absorbed easily through the skin. These include such minerals as potassium, (regulates fluid and circulation of blood), magnesium, (the body’s main nerve food), bromide, (which restores and calms the body system). Add the salt and lavender oil to a hot bath to help break down the crystals.

Before bathing use a body brush to stimulate circulation and remove surface dead skin. Make sure to brush the whole body. Add cold water to your bath to acquire the correct temperature. You need to soak for a minimum of 15 minutes to receive any benefit. Now shower off all traces of salt left on the skin. This treatment is not recommended for a sensitive and very dry skin as it maybe a bit harsh.