Worried? Sometimes for no clearly defined reason? Occasional worry and anxiety are perfectly normal emotions.  We are all affected in different ways by varying circumstances and thus have diverse areas of our lives that can cause us concern. Despite these differences, individuals who regularly feel anxious tend to have certain traits in common e.g. the fear of failure or of being alone.

There are occasions when we find it difficult to identify the root cause of our anxiety. We become aware that we are feeling anxious, despite the fact that there has not been an adverse change in our circumstances; one that would naturally cause us to worry.

We can become anxious about an approaching event e.g. starting a new job and having to meet many new people. Conversely anxiety can also have it's foundations in our past e.g. regret over something that we have done or said.

Anxious thoughts are often not linked to what has actually happened,
what is happening, or what is likely to happen in the future. Instead it is based on perception.


This section contains the following topics:
- Signs of Anxiety
- Anxious Thoughts
- Changing Anxious Thoughts
- Anxiety a Live Long Challenge
- Panic Attacks
- Coping with Panic
- Dealing with Panic


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