Toning ( strength training) Your Body
In this section, the term toning is used to denote strength training.  See What is Toning
Identifying your goal.
The exercise regime that you undertake should be determined by the desired outcome.    Detailed below
are three typical outcomes and the exercises associated with achieving each one.  Improvements will be visible within 2-4 weeks.
1. A reduction of your overall percentage (%) body fat.
          This will require three 30-40 minute sessions of aerobic exercise
          e.g. swimming,  brisk walking  followed by
          two sets of the exercise programmes outlined in point 3.
2. To generally improve the tone of your body.
Three times each week, perform three/four sets of the exercise programmes outlined in post 3.  
          3. Toning specific areas:-
         -  Upper Body
         -  Abdomen
         -  Lower Body
Rest breaks.
When you are doing these exercises, ensure that you rest for 30 seconds between each one and for 60
seconds between each set.
5 kg Weighted Ball
Stability Ball
3 kg Dumbbells