Physical Fitness - A Lifestyle Choice 
MOST people know the importance of having a balanced diet. But when it comes to physical exercise, many of us are guilty of crash-routines. In fact, using exercise as a balanced programme of personal fitness is often the last thing people consider as they sign up for gym membership.
But exercising purely to burn fat, or to force up muscle size, will not necessarily have a positive effect. Just as a crash-diet can harm your health, so an exercise programme of pure running, or weights, will miss out vital elements.
In fact, experts recommend covering five key areas of physical fitness:
• cardio-vascular exercise, such as running
• muscular strength
• muscular endurance
• flexibility
• motor co-ordination from activities like tennis, or juggling.
With time a crucial factor for many people, committing to any form of exercise can be difficult - let alone hitting a target of five separate forms of fitness. But achieving a good level of fitness can be easier than you think. And you're guaranteed to look and feel much better for it.
Experts agree that taking a holistic attitude to exercise is a key element of sustainable fitness. This means seeing physical exercise as a long-term lifestyle choice, as opposed to a quick fix.
In addition to improving your general body consciousness, there are ways to add balanced exercise to your lifestyle. And certain activities naturally cover more areas of fitness at once. Good all-rounders include walking, swimming, skipping, and household tasks such as gardening and decorating.
The easiest way to adopt a balanced routine is to become more active in your day-to-day tasks. The British Heart Foundation suggests getting off the bus a stop early, or taking the stairs instead of the lift.
Research shows that people who used and monitored the use of their 'Step-O-Meter' over a 12-week period increased their walking by more than a thousand steps a day. Experts recommend a target of 10,000 steps a day, although it's estimated that the average adult only does about 3,000."  T he survey also showed that more than half of the people who were previously taking insufficient exercise had reached the recommended levels of 30 minutes, five days a week, after using a pedometer for three months.
Ultimately, adding balance to your physical health is about finding an activity which you personally enjoy. We can all be the creators of our lives, rather than the helpless victims of circumstance, how?  .... By learning to take responsibility for our own wellbeing.