Physical Fitness

Fitness is more than exercise.  Fitness encompasses getting proper sleep,  consuming a healthy nutritious diet, stress reduction & relaxation,  flexibility, weight control and physical fitness.

Fitness is the key to a healthy mind and body. Today there are many ways to keep fit or to get fit, from machines that do it for you, to something as simple as walking. Overall, being fit is always going to benefit you. Fitness gives you a lot more confidence and most certainly a greater zest for life, it also improves your sex life. Good muscle tone is very important for your health as well as your looks. When there is no tone in a muscle it becomes less efficient, which contributes to toxin build up in the body. Exercising the body helps you to lose weight, reshapes your body, boost your energy level and also helps to strengthen your heart. It also strengthens your ability to fight off all kinds of illnesses and viruses.

The definition of physical fitness varies, but most experts agree that there are five basic components of  physical fitness which involve your heart, lungs, strength, endurance, and agility or flexibility. The five components are:-
1. Cardio-respiratory or Aerobic Endurance: The ability to do moderately strenuous activity over a period of time. It reflects how well your heart and lungs work together to supply oxygen to your body during exertion and exercise. Also called aerobic fitness.
2. Muscular Endurance: The ability to hold a particular position for a sustained period of time or repeat a movement many times. This could be the capability required to hold a two-pound weight above your head for five minutes or the effort required to lift that weight 20 consecutive times.
3. Muscular Strength: The ability to exert maximum force, such as lifting the heaviest weight you can budge, one time. It is possible to have muscular strength in one area, say your arms, while lacking strength in another area such as your legs.
4. Flexibility: The ability to move a joint through its full range of motion; the elasticity of the muscle. This is how limber or supple you are.
5. Body Composition: The proportion of fat in your body compared to your bone and muscle. It does not refer to your weight in pounds or your figure.
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