Style Me Thinner

According to research the average person puts on 5lbs over the Christmas period. It's so easy to put weight on but despite good intentions for the January diet most of us find it much harder to get back off. So whether you're going in the right direction or have given up completely here are some tips to help you look slimmer whatever your weight.
Dark Colours

Many people think that they must wear black to slim themselves down. Whilst dark colours do make things look smaller than light ones, black doesn't suit everyone. If black is overpowering for you, try navy, charcoal, chocolate, purple or deep teal on larger areas of your body. Remember also that a well fitting coloured item will look far more flattering than black piece of clothing that doesn't suit your shape.

Vertical Stripes
Is it fact or fiction that vertical stripes slim you down? The answer to this is both. If you have a straight body-shape such as a rectangle or inverted triangle, you have little definition between waist and hips. Vertical stripes will hang straight on your body and will be slimming. However, if your body is very curvy, like a full hourglass or pear (triangle), then vertical stripes will not hang straight but will try to pull around the curve of your hips making you look larger than you are. So keep your trousers, skirts and suits plain if you have a curvy shape. Only use vertical stripes if your body is straighter.
Curvy Patterns
Florals, paisleys and wavy patterns are great for disguising lumps and bumps. Use these on larger busts, tummies and hips. If your body-shape is curvy use these sorts of patterns in tops, skirts and dresses.
Avoid shine, shimmer, glitter and sequins on larger areas as these will make them look bigger. If you have big hips or bottom for example, a shiny top will be fine but keep the bottom half matt. If you are top heavy, avoid shimmery tops and add detail to the bottom half of your body.
Beware of bulky texture, especially in the winter. A chunky knit jumper or thick padded jacket may keep you warm but do you look and feel a few sizes bigger in it? Finer layers are usually far more flattering. If you like to add texture for interesting clothing, make sure you use it on the smaller areas of your body.
Lengths of Clothes
Always end tops, jackets and skirts at narrower points of the body. If a jacket ends, for example, at the widest part of the hip it will draw attention to it. Beware of mid-calf boots if you have curvy legs. They will make your legs look really chunky.
Clothing Detail
Only add clothing detail and accessories to the parts of your body you want to accentuate. For example, if your bottom half is larger add frills, breast pockets or necklaces to the top half of your body. If you have slight hips, add pockets, pleats or appliqué detail to your bottom half.

For a detailed analysis of your own body, how to show off the best bits whilst disguising and slimming the bits you don't like, why not book a style consultation?