Fashion Starved

Most people will be unable to comprehend the idea that a £300 PPQ cape or a Prada handbag could be worth living on beans on toast for weeks on end. Unfortunately all too many fashion conscious women will be able to identify with the 'buy now starve later' train of thought.

Most of us have experienced serious clothing temptation. Soft leather boots or a smart winter coat can tempt many a consumer, whispering at them to ignore the price tag and take it to the counter. It is hard not to get sucked in with all the beautiful clothes around. Women often start competing with friends and colleagues over how they look, pushing temptation to blow that weekly budget even further than if they were just dressing for themselves.

Skipping meals in order to buy clothes you don't need is a horrible hallmark of today's fashion victim culture. Gone are the days when our clothes are mended and darned or hand knitted or sewn. Now we have clothes bursting out of the tops, bottom and sides of our strained closets...supporting poles bending in the middle with the weight. Sound familiar? Surely there are other ways of saving money without starving? What about ditching the car in favour of a bicycle? Fashionable, eco friendly and just think of the expenses you will save with no car insurance or road tax to pay!

I am a great advocator of buying what you can afford. If you have lots of money then you should buy expensive clothes, not shop in Primark. If you don't have lots of money then who am I to tell you not to buy your children shoes at Primark if you can't afford anywhere else? Buying expensive items is usually more ecologically friendly as you can bypass sweatshop factories and piles of unwanted waste clothing languishing on rubbish heaps. Something tells me that being eco-friendly is not what these fashion die-hards have in mind.

With weekly glossies printing the latest 'must have' items we are going through new items at the same pace we are going through magazines. No one seems to remember that these magazines must include pricier items in order to attract high-end advertisers. Not to tempt people who can't afford it into an addiction that could threaten their health. Addiction, that's what it is. Just like you can be addicted to drugs or sex, you can be addicted to shopping. Just because you get a visible item at the end of a binge doesn't mean that you are adding quality to your life. Instead, look at the real reasons why you feel that you need to spend such an amount on looking good.