Dressing According To Your Body Shape

You really do not have to starve yourself to death or undergo a cosmetic surgery in order to look slimmer and sexier. Instead of cursing the wide hips or enormous thighs and arms that you have, you need to embrace who you are and how your body is shaped. No matter how much money you have or how skilful your plastic surgeon is, there are just some things that you cannot alter so you have to accept what nature has given you and learn to live with those characteristics.

The secret to looking beautiful is to play up your God-given assets and try to hide your flaws; even celebrities and stars in Hollywood know this. One way to go about this is to dress appropriately for your body shape; and sure enough, you will look and feel sexy in no time. Here are some tips on how to dress up and look beautiful and slim in any body type:

Hourglass Shape
People who have big breasts, small waists, wide hips and slightly heavy thighs are the ones who fall under this particular body shape. If you have an hourglass body type, you really do not have so much to pine about. Many women will die for a body that is curvaceous and well-endowed in the right places. The best example of a woman who has this type of body shape is Marilyn Monroe, the sex siren for all time.

Embrace your sexiness by wearing form-fitting clothes, corset-type or wrap around dresses, pencil cut skirts, and V-neck tops. You should remember to stay away from baggy clothing and round neck tops that have too much frills and laces because these clothes will not only hide your assets, but also make you look older and fatter than you really are.

Apple Shape
If your top is heavy but you have small hips and thighs, then you fall under the apple shape category. Basically, this shape is quite difficult to dress because of its roundness. However, the assets that most women with apple shape bodies should enhance include their shapely calves and ankles and their wonderful cleavage. Furthermore, you can always use a bra that will show off your big breasts and shape-contouring undergarments and girdles to help flatten your abs a little bit.

The first fashion mishap for apple shaped individuals is hiding their bodies with layers upon layers of clothing. Putting on big clothes on top of each other will only highlight that which you want to hide. Instead, try wearing low-necked tops that will highlight some of your cleavage. You should also look for skirts, slacks and jeans that are fastened at the side, rather than at the front. Buttons, zippers, and flaps placed in front will put emphasize to your tummy.

Pear Shape
Basically, people who are bottom heavy are considered to have a pear shape type of body. More often than not, women who fall under this classification have big thighs and hips, and small to average breasts. However, their arms are usually slender and their shoulders are to-die-for.

Pretty tops, spaghetti-strapped blouses, and bareback dresses are all appropriate for someone who has this form. Just make sure that you hide your stocky wares below your waist by wearing flowing skirts and high boots. Furthermore, stay away from bottoms with flaps and big pockets because they have a tendency to emphasize your wide hips.

There is really no reason for people with this kind of shape to feel bad about their breasts. It is actually quite easy to remedy this problem. Just by wearing padded bras, you can already increase your breast size. Furthermore, you can also take supplements that can make your breasts become firmer and bigger.