Colour Makes A Fashion Statement

When you want to make a fashion statement, the colour of your clothes is just as important to consider as anything else about them. Colour can capture people's attention and can even subtly alter a mood, if you wish. For example, if you're doing a job interview, a presentation, or attending a party, the colour of what you were can make a difference. In some instances, it can even make a lasting difference.

When you first go on a date, meet a client, or apply for a job you really want, the colour of what you're wearing can send out signals that say something about you to the people you're with. What you're wearing can tell people about you before you even open your mouth. For example, certain colours bring out specific emotions in people, and this can have the advantage of helping or hurting you, depending on how the colours affect other people.

Simply put, colours can create an impression that can make other people feel a given way. Medical researchers have even tested subjects as they view a variety of clothing colours and have seen how this has affected their body temperatures, blood pressure and hormone levels, for example. It has been proven that colour can have a most definitive positive or negative effect. The clothing they wear can drastically alter wearers' emotions, self-esteem, personality, and appearance.

If you're looking to update your wardrobe, look for shades that are appropriate to match your age as well as your hair, skin and eye colour. More temporary characteristics that will influence your clothing that will change can include the type of weather, specific occasion, personal tastes, mood, et cetera.

Sometimes, what you wear can also affect how people perceive you and your intentions. For example, if you wear a red jacket with a white shirt to a job interview, this can mean that you are self-confident and in control. However, if you wear that same red jacket with a lacy black frilly top, this may be distracting, to say the least, and will perhaps look unprofessional.

If you want to find a way to send off the right message or make a positive statement, do some research on what different colours mean to people in general. For example, the colour red is a good example. Blue-based reds generally signify intellectual power and femininity. If the red is yellow-based, it is associated with energy; it may be a good colour to wear on a first or second date if you're a woman looking to impress a man. Red lipstick can signify power and authority.

Purple is a colour that's typically associated with royalty. It also influences creativity. It can awaken the senses and can make people very passionate. If you need to help your best friend with a problem, wear a turquoise blouse. This places other women at ease and will help promote conversation. If you're attending a meeting with co-workers or clients, wearing a brown suit can make you non threatening and make you seem reliable and supportive.