Cocktail Dress For Pear Shaped Figure 
Fashion is an in built associated term with women. Regardless of her age and figure she is carried off by fashion. Fashion industry has also reverted back to her in the same manner and provided her with all the fashionable looking things. Most important in all that enhances her entire persona is the dress.

There are dresses that make up every body type very beautifully, in spite of the flaws. Dresses are available occasion wise. Prom, cocktail, wedding, ball party, etc all comes with fabulous collection of dresses. Similarly dresses are fit and ready for all the figures as apple shaped, pear shaped, etc.

Here we will peculiarly take one figure, occasion and the type of dress suit that figure, which clears the entire thing we are talking about here. Lets talk about the dress for pear shaped figure for a cocktail party.

Silhouette of pear shaped figure comprises of thin shoulders and wide hips. Hip part is considered as flaw of this figure. It looks like pear, thus called as pear shaped. If you have an invitation of cocktail party but worried about what to wear, forget it. You do not need to worry about the dress, if you keep few pointers in mind while shopping the cocktail dress. Main thing that needs to be kept in mind is, choose the dress that hide the flaws and accentuate curves. Then only your true beauty will be enhanced.

While selecting a dress for pear shaped figure choose a flowing skirt or gown. It decently flows over your hips giving you a slimming look, thus looks the most flattering.

One of the best tricks to hide the flaw is to draw attention towards the assets. In pear shaped figure neck portion is the best part. Hence it's good to wear a dress with plunging neckline that draws attention from the bottom to top part. Also visually it balances your figure.

You have to be very careful about the embellishments also. Avoid dresses having embellishments or embroidery or any other design on hips or around it. It looks more bulging thus giving a heavy look. Same on the top will work very nicely, as it also counterbalances the body proportion. Thus embroidery or embellishments in dresses, skirts or gowns should be only on top part.

Colour of the dress can bring the most out of you. Go for solid dark colours for accentuating you. Especially dark colour on the bottom part is very essential for the elegant look.

If you have a nice waist accentuate it. Wear dress with nice belt, sash or embellishment on the waist. It will automatically de-emphasize hips. Also corset dresses is a good choice. Full skirt with twitched waist will look good.

Prints are also a great way for attaining a fabulous look. But large prints can destroy your entire image. Pear shaped figure should always choose small prints on the dress. Because large prints draw attention and add bulk to the area you want to de-emphasize.

Avoid bias cut gowns, as they are figure hugging and is best suited for thin and slim figures.

Any type of cocktail dress will beautify you, if you possess confidence and sense of style. Also remember preference is not always preferred, accenting features is more important.