Eating Disorders And Stress

Do your cravings come under pressure? Feel like binging when feeling stressful? These are common responses apart from smoking and drinking, from under-stress individuals but the results of these stress relief approach are equally damaging to your lifestyle. Stress under the circumstances could refer to sadness or loneliness, depressed or angry over someone or something.

“Why?” you may ask. It is obvious that when you start turning to binging and munching as ‘antidote’ to your problems, it will slowly and without realizing turn into a habit – just like smoking or drinking. The worse effect of eating disorders is not just putting on weight. Instead it could jeopardize your diet by changing your appetite. Nausea and tiredness will follow and result in worsening your health condition apart from the mental problems you might already be facing.

To solve this problem, the first step is to determine the root. What is the actual cause of your sudden desire to binge and munch? Was it the recent relationship break up? Was it a recent fight with your loved ones or loss of something you find dear? Sometimes a sudden big appetite or craving could be due to certain health problems. Look into this aspect as well.

By solving the initial problems, it will correct and put your state of mind right. This is the biggest step and most of times upon resolving the issue, the eating disorder is put away for good.

If this doesn’t help, it is also important to know that certain foods are addictive such as chocolates and candies. And I mean as addictive as nicotine and alcohol. Chocolate triggers the body to release endorphin hormone that puts our state of mind into a ‘happy mood’. This makes you ‘think’ that it makes you feel better. Well they don’t, your problems make you feel worse. Solve it and you will feel better.

‘I have eating disorders but I’m not feeling sad or angry or stressful, in fact, I’m feeling emotionally fine.’

For this case of eating disorders, food plays a part as a distraction. Eating becomes nothing more than just something to do. I’m a smoker and sometimes I chain smoke. However, I don’t usually chain smoke because I’m having a bad day or a bad week. I do it because I want to do something with my hands, therefore I chain smoke.

‘How do I overcome any of the types of eating disorders mentioned above?’

First of all, it is best to know that sometimes you can keep the ‘binging and munching’ habit. Just do it in a healthier way. Use your imagination. When smokers try to quit and fail, they can turn to nicotine gums or nicotine patches to satisfy their nicotine desires. The same can be applied to eating disorders. If you absolutely have to munch, due to stress that continues with your routine such as work, choose right food to binge on. The right types of nuts, fruits and grains alike are recommended by various nutritionists. If you eat a lot, exercise harder!

Try it and you’ll set yourself free from dependence!