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Tummy Tuck                                                                        Important

Abdominoplasty,  known as a tummy tuck,  can be full or mini. The former is a means by which abdominal fat and excess skin is completely removed and at the same time the walls of the abdomen is tightened. The latter comprises of the removal of unwanted fat from the abdominal regions (below the navel). In both instances a successful Tummy Tuck will result in a reduced waist line, with a flatter and more taunt stomach. Either procedures can be carried out in conjunction with Liposuction.

Women whose abdominal muscle and skin has been screeched by multiple pregnancies, those who have lost a significant amount of weight as well as older individuals whose body is showing signs of aging, are choosing to undergo the procedure in increasing numbers;  2,799 in 2007 (Baaps). Men can and do undergo the procedure in a bid  to counter the effects of weight loss, lack of exercise or aging.

A mini tummy tuck has several advantages over the full tummy tuck. Firstly, it is cheaper and since it is a limited version of a full Tummy Tuck, it has reduced risk and faster recover timescales.

The most common method is to make an incision across the lower abdomen, above the pubic region. Once the fat and excess skin has been removed, a new opening  that will for the 'tummy button'  will be made.

Intense soreness and discomfort that can be controlled by pain medication will immediately follow the procedure. Patients tend to spend 2-3 days in hospital and will leave wearing abdominal support that they will need to continue wearing for several weeks. Swelling and bruising can persist for 3-4 weeks; during this time strenuous or vigorous activity should be avoided.
Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure and in consequence, it has inherent risks. The main ones are:-
-    Skin  issues
        a) loss (Necrosis)
        b) poorly healed
        c) asymmetries
        d) irregularities
-    Scars
        a) are permanent and can extend from hip to hip.
        b) raised, think or irregular
-    Infections
-    Blood clots