Surgical Cosmetic Procedures                                  Important

The UK most common cosmetic surgical procedures are detailed below:

Breast Augmentation
More and more women are choosing breast augmentation surgery to enhance their self-confidence and improve the appearance of breasts. In 2007 6,497 Breast augmentation operations were carried out (Baaps).  More


Breast Lift
As women grow older, the effects of childbirth, breast feeding, gravity or time (age) become apparent in the form of sagging breasts. A Breast Lift  (Mastoepxy) is a surgical procedure that can help restore the natural size, shape and location of  a women's breasts.  More
Breast Reduction
Increasingly breast reduction surgery is becoming common, amongst women who feel that their breasts are too big. In 2007 3,402 procedures took place (BAAPS).More
Face Lift
A range of facelift procedures are the main procedures used to reduce the signs of facial aging such as wrinkles, bags and sagging of the jowl and neckline. More
Liposuction is a surgical method by which the unwanted body fat is extracted from the body via a steel tube. Often individuals opt for liposuction when diets and/or exercises have failed to tone or reshape their body to their satisfaction. Liposuction removes fat and reduces the total number of fat cells in your body.  More
Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty,  known as a tummy tuck,  can be Full or Mini. The former is a means by which your abdominal fat and excess skin is completely removed and at the same time the walls of the abdomen is tightened. The latter comprises of the removal of unwanted fat from the abdominal regions (below the navel). In both instances a successful Tummy Tuck will result in a reduced waist line, with a flatter and more taunt stomach.  More
Eyelid Lift
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can reduce droopy or hooded eyelids and restore the contour and eliminate protruding fat bags that have formed under the eyes. More
Rhinoplasty, best defined as nose reshaping surgery or corrective surgery of the nose. It is mainly carried our for cosmetic reasons i.e. how the nose appears in relation to other facial features.  Health advantages of nose sugary include the correction of breathing problems related to the internal nasal structures.
Chin Augmentation
A deficient or small chin can effect the appearance of facial profile in a way that an individual finds displeasing. Balancing the face through chin implant surgery can reverse this. More
Brow Lift
As we grow older, our forehead begins to droop. We also start getting heavy lines and wrinkles in the area which tends to make us look angry or fatigued. This drooping can be set right by the aid of plastic surgery. This simple method is known as brow lift. More

Non Surgical Procedures