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Rhinoplasty                                                                         Important

Rhinoplasty, best defined as nose reshaping surgery or corrective surgery of the nose. It is mainly carried our for cosmetic reasons i.e. how the nose appears in relation to other facial features.  Health advantages of nose sugary include the correction of breathing problems related to the internal nasal structures.

Rhinoplasty should not be performed before the patient is at least 14 years old for girls and 16 years for boys, as this is the time their nose becomes fully formed.

Assuming that the patient is healthy, there is no upper age limit. In fact, rhinoplasty e.g. to address a drooping nose tip, is occasionally performed together with a facelift or other rejuvenating surgery

Before agreeing to perform surgery, the  surgeon will want to make ensure that potential patients have thought very carefully about undergoing surgery and, more importantly, that your expectations are realistic.

The initial consultation will require you to look in the mirror and point out the features that you would like corrected. The surgeon can, thus determine whether your desires can be achieved.

The main reasons why an individual decide to undergo rhinoplasty include: -

  1. A large nose in relation to the size of the face
  2. A lump on the nasal bridge, particular a profile view.
  3. A very wide nose.
  4. A drooping tip.
  5. A thickened/enlarged tip.
  6. Large flaring of the nostril.
  7. A crooked nose.
  8. Asymmetrical due to a previous injury.

There are more options open to the surgeon that simply reducing the size of the nose and tip. It is now possible to lengthen and/or widen the nose. Together the result is a much more natural looking nose.

The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic. Incision are made to the inside of the rim of the nostril and/or nose. If the nose is to be reduced in size, the nasal bone is broken and reset into a narrower position.  To build up the nose grafts, the surgeon will obtain grafts of cartilage from the nose itself, or the ear, rib or in rare instances the hip bone.  Soft tissue is then reset over the bone.  Health associated breathing problems can be corrected/ improved by reducing obstruction this improving the function of the airways.

Splints that are used to aid correct setting of the nose can normally be removed after 5-7 days. Any external stitching will be removed at the same time.  Gauze packing can be removed after a couple of days.  Swelling and bruising will recede in 10-14 days.
-    Bleeding
-    Infection
-    The need for an additional procedure to remove  perceived imperfections.