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Liposuction                                                                        Important

Liposuction is a surgical method by which the unwanted body fat is extracted from the body via a steel tube. Often individuals opt for liposuction when diets and/or exercises have failed to tone or reshape their body to their satisfaction. Liposuction removes fat and reduces the total number of fat cells in your body.

Most areas of the body can be suctioned, however most procedures occur on commons areas namely the waist, abdomen, hips, thighs (inner and outer) and knees.  Liposuction's works best on patients with firm skin, it could worsen the appearance of saggy skin e.g. resulting from pregnancy or aging.  Another negative, is that it will not eliminate or reduce dimpling or cellulite. Usually, the fat is extracted through two incisions made in easily concealed areas.  Common areas incision sites include the arm pit and below the bikini line.

The Importance of Having Realistic Expectations
Liposuction does not have an immediate effect. Before going for liposuction, become knowledgeable about the assoiciated realities. Don’t expect to become slim as soon as the procedure is over, it may take some time before the change actually becomes noticeable.  This period varies from a few weeks to three months. Also, you will not lose body weight through liposuction, instead you will become slimmer due to reduced inches.
It is important to remember that the overall effects will be limited to the affected areas i.e. the rest of your body will be unaffected. Liposuction should be viewed as an extreme solution, only to be used if all other methods have failed.



The Cost of Liposuction
Liposuction is an expensive procedure and since it is cosmetic surgery, the NHS is unlikely to absorb the expense.

The actual costs of Liposuction varies greatly increasing if multiple areas are addressed e.g. thighs, upper arms and the abdomen and decreases if localised e.g. upper arms only. Some procedures are performed in hospital, while others are carried out on an outpatient basis.

In the initial days after a Liposuction procedure, there will be significant swelling and bruising.  The latter will recede over the next 2 to 3 weeks. 
Modern techniques produces minimal scarring. The scars, which are initially dark, become faint within in a year. There are also various creams and gels which help reduce the timescale and appearance of scars.
-    Pulmonary oedema, which is the collection of fluid on the lungs.
-    Fat embolus (clot) that occurs if fat gets in to the circulatory system.
-    A Seroma, a collection of fluid under the skin, which may need further
-    Contour inconsistencies e.g. rippling, depressions and uneven sections.
-    Anaesthesia may produce side effects.