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Face Lift                                                                            Important

A range of facelift procedures are the main procedures used to reduce the signs of facial aging such as wrinkles, bags and sagging of the jowl and neckline.

Face lifts are not limited to the procedures affecting the skin, but also involves removing, repositioning and adding soft tissue to reshape the face. Depending on the extent of operation, there are principally 2 types of facelifts known as limited and full facelifts.

The procedure chosen in a particular case should match the patient’s unique needs e.g. anatomical facial aging, how much they can afford to spend, the length of their recovery period and most importantly what outcomes they desire. In determining the desired outcome, it is important to note that facelifts only addresses loose skin, loose muscle and can also remove/reposition fat to reduce sagging. It does not address lines and wrinkles.

Limited facelifts are very popular, and widely marketed. The names that are also used to imply limited facelift are short scar facelift, quick lift, lifestyle lift and  MAC lift .  A limited lift is a small scale version of the full face lift. The skin is lifted and pulled up; the incision scars are in front of the ear, and extend down to the jowl region.

Along with a limited face lift, liposuction of the neck may also takes place; thus improving the jowl and the upper portion of the neck's. The recovery period is approximately a week. This procedure can be an undertaken as an undergone as an outpatient,  as only light anaesthesia is required. A limited facelift is preferable, in younger patients who have aged prematurely, but whose jowl and neck require minimal work. In the case of older patients, limited lifts are not as effective and are only performed when the patient has decided against a full facelift.

A full facelift involves the area in front and behind the ear and also incorporates  the neck.  It is the yardstick against which other procedures are measured. Be it a limited face lift, a thread lift or “liquid” facelifts which are non-surgical.  Older patients, where ageing has progressed beyond the scope of a limited facelift,  gain the most benefit from a full facelift.

Recovery involves 72 hours rest and may require bandaging of the face/neck and sleeping with your head elevated above your heart in order to reduce bruising and swelling. Pain killers and a cold compress can reduce discomfort. Though it seems intimidating, full facelifts are not particularly complicated, although the recovery period is lengthened by the need to stay out of public.

-  Numbness (post operative)
-  Thin skin leading to poor or a prolonged healing time.
-  Thin or raised scars.
-  Changes in the position of the hairline