Cosmetic Surgery Questions                                 Important  
Below are some common questions, that you should consider when deciding whether or not to undergo surgery at a particular establishment or making a cosmetic surgery complaint.
The key points are-

1.    Name and qualification of surgeon.  Are they qualified in the area in which they  are practicing?

2.    Was the surgeon present at the initial consultation or was it a nurse/assistant?

3.    What procedure did you request, affecting which parts of the body?

4.    You should have been asked the following questions:

    a)    Have you had previous surgery?

    b)    Was there any complications or scaring?

    c)    Do you have any previous psychiatric counselling,


    d)    What results/effects are you hoping surgery will achieve?


Were you? 

NB. Your responses to these questions will help the surgeon   determine if surgery could be successful i.e. obtain the desired results and not result in additional complications or scaring. Was the procedure fully explained,     preferably with before and after pictures to enable you to ascertain what was realistically possible? Were the possible risks fully explained?

5.    Were the possible side effects fully explained e.g. post operative  discomfort, pain, bruising and swelling?

6.    Were you given time to go away and seriously consider your decision in the light of what you learned at the consultation i.e. a cooling off period?

IF you are going to make a complaint:-

7.    Where did the surgery take place?

8.    When did the surgery take place?

9.    Did you see or speak to the surgeon again. If so, what was discussed and what was the outcome of those discussions?

10.  How long was it before you went home?

11.  What advice and medication were you given?

12.  What method was used to pay the fees.