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Brow Lift

As we grow older, our forehead begins to droop, causing sagging brows and deep furrows between the eyes. At the same time deep lines and wrinkles appear across the forehead. A brow lift procedure will tighten and/or remove excess skin and smooth out wrinkles.

A brow lift raises the drooping skin to its original position, raising the eyebrows and opening up the eyelid area. The overall effect is to remove/reduce the heaviness over the eyes leading to a younger, healthier look. It is often done at the same time as Eyelid Lift.

There are methods of carrying out a brow lift known as i) a coronal brow lift and ii) endoscopic  (keyhole) brow lift. The coronal technique involves making an incision behind the natural hair line running from ear to ear over the head, or at the hairline in cases where the patient has a receding hairline.  The endoscopic technique involves 4 - 5 very small incision at the hairline, in which a endoscope complete with camera at the end is inserted, enabling the see clearly as he performs the lift.

A brow lift is a relatively quick operation, taking 1-3 hours and is often done on an outpatient basis.

The period of recovery varies between a week and ten days, and it’s best, if you can take a break from work and avoid strenuous activity. 

Since this is a surgery, nonetheless, it does have a recovery period and it’s a good idea to follow the doctor’s advice in this period. There is usually a swelling and bruising in this period and doctors recommend using a cold compress and keeping the head elevated to help reduce swelling. There might also be some discomfort related to itchiness and numbness in the days following surgery.

- Nerve damage resulting in the inability to rise the eyebrow/wrinkle forehead.
  The condition may be temporary or in rare cases permanent.  
- The widening of scars requiring further surgery.
- Loss of sensation in the affected areas.
- Bleeding and/or infection.