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Breast Reduction                                                            Important

Increasingly breast reduction surgery is becoming common, amongst women who feel that their breasts are too big. In 2007 3,402 procedures took place (BAAPS).

A breast reduction is a medical operation the outcome of which can be positive and or negative. The reasons why women opt for breast reduction varies from individual to individual and some of these reasons may seem perfectly justified to us, while some seem outrageous.

The following are the main reasons why women choose to undergo a breast reduction:

1) In many cases women who have very large breasts suffer from back pains. The weight of their breasts affects their posture and hence their backs.
2) Discomfort is one of the main reasons why women undergo surgery. e.g. discomfort at night while sleeping or lying down.
3) Physical appearance,  where the issue is purely psychological.  Before going for extreme measures like surgery, women should evaluate the situation calmly and fairly, without being paranoid or obsessive.

4) The third reason is reduced/inability to undertake certain tasks. e.g. Women, who want to become professional athletes and those who take sports/physical fitness seriously.

There are also situations where breast reduction may be the wrong decision:

a)     Some women go for breast reduction without thinking it through carefully, or to follow the example of others.

b)     Others opt for a breast reduction simply because their husbands or boyfriends or partners told them that their breasts are too big. Don’t give in to this kind of pressure. It is a sad truth that many women do go for surgery, simply because their partners desire a change in their physical appearances. If you think your breasts are ok, it doesn’t matter what others think.  

The procedures may include:-

          -        removal of excess skin
          -        tightening of the skin around the breasts
          -        Realigning the skin to elevate the position of the breasts and
          -        Increasing the overall volume by the addition of implants.

 A BAAPS surgeon.  

You should discuss your requirements with a surgeon who is registered with the General Medical Council and is a member of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS) . This ensures that the surgeon is skilled and experienced and capable of guiding you through your surgery in an able and secure way. 

Pre-operative preparations:

You need to prepare for a breast lift surgery in the following ways: 


The procedure:

The procedure is a short one when compared to that of breast augmentation or breast reduction. The surgery takes place in sterile operating room and the patient is given general anesthesia. An anchor-shaped incision is made through a circular cut near the areola, and  another straight incision which goes from the areola to the crease area. 

This incision is used to get rid of excess skin and to reposition the areola higher up. After the completion of the procedure, the incision is sutured closed and the patient is made to wear a tight surgical bra or bandage to reduce the swelling in the follow up to the operation. 

The Recovery: 

You will  need to wear tight bandages or a surgical bra in the period following your surgery. Following this, for a significant length of time, you will have to wear a softer support bra.  

Pain medication will be required in order to relieve the pain associated with the post-operative period. After a week (possibly two), the stitches will be removed. Allow several months for the healing process to complete.  

- Permanent scaring
- Uneven breast alignment and symmetry.
- Permanent loss of sensation around the nipples.
- Inability to breast feed.