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Breast Augmentation                                                    Important

More and more women are choosing breast augmentation surgery to enhance their self-confidence and improve the appearance of breasts. In 2007 6,497 Breast augmentation operations were carried out (Baaps).

Breast augmentation is performed by a qualified plastic surgeons. In order to set realistic expectations, the surgeon will show the potential patient pictures depicting the stages before and after the augmentation is undertaken.

The exact procedure will depend upon the surgeon as well as the procedures you receive.  Breast Augmentation is carried out to i) increase the size and/or fullness small breasts or ii) give fullness to breasts that have reduced in size following weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding.  There are several different types of breast augmentation procedures:-

* Breast enlargement

* Making both breasts even in size

* Repositioning the breasts

* Reshaping the breasts

* Firming the breasts

Many women opting for  breast augmentation may undergo more than one procedure at a time. For example, a woman having a breast enlargement may also have the breasts reshaped and firmed so they appear perkier.

During the augmentation procedure, implants are placed behind  the breast tissue or above your breast muscle. Implants tend to be round or pear shaped, consisting of a silicone envelope with various fillers e.g. silicone gel or saline. Modern implants consist of a thicker silicone gel, which results in an improved look and much reduced likelihood of leakage. Implants come in various sizes. The majority of  women chose to increase their breast size by 1 or 2 cup sizes.  Implants can be placed in different positions through a variety of incision locations. Together, you and your surgeon will decide on the type of implant, the incision location and implant placement.

Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic medical procedure that requires advanced surgical skill. The goal is to leave your breasts looking as natural as possible, while enlarging them to your chosen size.

Due to the fact that breast tissue is stretched and separated during surgery, and because implants are inserted through incisions, post op breasts will be bruised and swollen. Visually they will appear firm, swollen and high on the chest.  Let us assume that a woman’s bra size is 35B before breast augmentation, and she decides to have 324 cc implants placed right below her pectoral muscle. This will result in prominent swelling during the 3-4 days immediately following the  operation, as the tissue stretches sufficiently enough to make space for the implants.

Patients can expect to wear a surgical bra for several days. Moderate pain and discomfort may also be present during this phase. Pain can easily be treated by a prescription or over the counter pain killers. Wearing an athletic or support bra until all the swelling has receded may also reduce discomfort. It can take up to 6 months for expectations to be realized (hopefully).

After healing, some permanent scarring will remain. Scars are typically small and inconspicuous and will slowly fade in colour over several months.

An average an implant lasts for 16 years, depending upon the age of the patient when they underwent the procedure. Removal without replacement may result in saggy skin and in such cases a breast lift may be required.

Skin Rippling and/or indentations
Deflation Rupture or leakage
Abnormal Appearance
Movement of the implant or painful hardening (capsular contraction).
Temporary or permanent loss of sensation in the nipple or surrounding tissue.
Mammograms Reduced visibility of breast tissue during screening.