Body Image  - Problems and Improvement
"Instead of embarking on a more meaningful quest women have placed their faith in products and images. Rather than loving their bodies, and being peaceful, respectful, and gentle with them, women have attacked, manipulated, and controlled their physical selves, never feeling satisfied or content.”  
(“Body Wars", Margo Maine, Ph.D.)
A person's body image is their perception of their physical appearance. It is more than what a person thinks about what they see in a mirror, but is inextricably tied to their self-esteem.  A person with a poor body image will perceive their own body as being unattractive or even repulsive to others. While a person with good body image, or positive "body acceptance", will either see themselves as attractive to others, or will at least accept it as is. Body image is most strongly affected during puberty, and is influenced by peers, parents, teachers, mentors, and commercial advertising.

1. The Trouble with Body Image                                    

2.  Negative Body Image

3. Improving Body Image

4.  Changing Behaviour

Often, an individual may avoid certain activates, because of  a poor body image. Over time, improved body image and self esteem will result in reduced/ a change in avoidance behaviour.

5. Body Image and Culture

Individuals who do not accept the 'cultural norms' of thinness and beauty, tend to have a more positive body-image than those who try to achieve the 'ideal'.  It is thus important to adopt a wider and more critical prospective towards societies norms.