Be Good to Yourself

Life today can be confusing and uncertain. You must have a good idea of who you are to meet the stresses and demands you face. Many individuals look for happiness outside themselves. They think more money, a better job, a cosmetically enhanced body, a new wardrobe...... will make them happy. However all these attempts will fail as true contentment comes from the inside and radiates out.

Learn to be good to yourself, by this we mean develop self acceptance, self trust, self respect and self love. Below are 10 ways to help you achieve this goal.

1. Make a list of all your achievements and successes so far in your life.
Believe in yourself and know that you deserve the best. Go for every opportunity, take risks, have powerful self-belief. Reward yourself frequently and congratulate every achievement, no matter how big or small.

2. Keep positive and stay away from negative people, who will only bring you down. Negative people dilute your dreams and their negativity will rub off on you.

3. Recognise and respect your feelings – they demonstrate your real needs.
Listen to your body and mind. Pay attention to your dreams – they are your subconscious messages. Trust your gut instincts.

4. Learn to say no and teach other people how to treat you.
If you let others treat you badly, they will carry on. Set boundaries, be assertive and calm. Explain to people the behaviours and language they use are no longer acceptable.

5. Relax.
Enjoy yourself and allow good things to enter your life. Think about the good things you DO want instead of what you DON'T want. Practice deep breathing and calmness. Be open to new ideas. Learn from every situation.

6. Accept and give compliments.
When someone gives you a compliment don't automatically throw it back in their face or dismiss it.

7. Let go of the guilt.
Be happy that you are doing your best. That's all you can ever do.
Don't set impossible standards. Ask for help or support if you need it.

8. De-clutter.
Be brutal. Get rid of anything you have not worn, looked at or used in the last 12 months.

9. Switch off.
Stop thinking about work when you are at home or home when you are at work. Focus on one task at time.
Take time to sit down and eat breakfast. Write a 'to do' list for that day. Don't worry. Worrying is wasted energy.

Have a warm bath with scented oils, candles and soft music.

10. Nourish your mind and body.
Get enough sleep and rest. Eat well and you'll be more active, feel and look much better.

Every aspect of your life will become more manageable, happier and more fulfilled.