Thursday, June 03, 2010


New research by St Tropez and The Prince's Trust charity has revealed that body image still remains a major concern for young people, with nearly three-quarters of 16-30 year olds admitting they don't feel confident, and 60% laying the blame for this squarely on being unhappy with their bodies.

Company Magazine’s recent Pay It Forward body-confidence campaign launch, detailed the above findings and urged everyone to fill in a compliment slip, before giving them to their family and friends. Each slip would detail three things the sender liked about the way the receiver looked. The admirable aim being, “to give bad body days the elbow”.

Being told what is good about your appearance will inevitably give you a boost, however I believe the compliments would be more effective and longer lasting if they also detailed none appearance based positive attributes.

The message, particularly to the young, that their self worth is NOT purely based on outward appearance needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

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