Friday, March 17, 2017

Magazine covers - A whole new place to go to

 Daniel Wheeler’s muscular physique following successfully losing (and keeping off) 8 stones earned him the coveted place on the front page of Men’s Fitness magazine.

Daniel explained (on Channel 4 Super Slimmers – Did they really keep the weight off?) the difficulties associated with achieving and maintaining his picture perfect muscular form.

“My mind-set at the time when I lost the majority of weight was kind of obsessive and addictive.

“A lot of people wont realise this, but in order to get that magazine shot, although you may look pleasing to the eyes, because of the abs and pecs and all that type of jaz, its a whole new place to go to; from a physical prospective it’s just disgusting. So any guy you see on the front cover, they’ve had to diet for months and months to achieve that spot like physique; which maybe they could hold for a couple of weeks and then they have got to let go of it.

“Dieting to low body fat levels is incredibly difficult, mind-set wise, because the body doesn’t want to lose that fat. You know, body fat is a protective mechanism, its an energy source and survival tool; and it doesn’t want to let go or it. So it does everything it possibly can not to get rid of it.”


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