Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Fat shaming pros and cons


Many of us, myself included, have been on the receiving end of weight/health guidance from an overweight/obese health professional. I must admit that the thought ‘why should I listen to health advice from someone who is clearly unhealthy and is not following their own advice crossed my mind more than once.

Recently hypnotist and presenter of Sky's Fat Families, Steve Miller argued that health professionals should lead the fight against the flab. He defines a fat person as anyone who cannot see their feet whilst standing and controversially proposed that all obese NHS staff should carry a fat shaming badges stating, 'I'm fat, but I'm losing it.' This he believes will motivate them and their patients to lose weight and improve their overall health.

Taking the anti obesity message outside the health profession into society at large, Miller also proposed that restaurant menus carry warning messages such as 'if you're fat, think before ordering'. The presenter is also proposing a government ban on groups, which promote 'plus sizes'. He said fat people shouldn't be on the catwalk , ridiculed the word 'curvy' and is asking Theresa May to implement his badge initiative.

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