Young Looking Afro Caribbean Skin

Most Afro Caribbean women are in the fortunate position of being able to delay their concerns about the effect of aging on their skin until much later than their light skin counterparts. They higher levels of melanin has the effect of protecting their skin from the more harmful  and aging effects of the sun. Another beneficial effect of melanin, is that it delays the effects of aging on their skin.  Delays not halts, thus eventually afro Caribbean will have to implement a skin care regime to main youthful looking skin for as long as possible.

Achieving Softer Skin
Changes in the texture of your skin is one of the first signs that black skin is starting to age. Textual changes results in rougher and sometime bumpy skin, particular in sum exposed areas. The are many remedies to rough skin the most common being the application of deep penetrating moisturisers eg. Shea Butter, which can enter the skin and nourish it from inside. Other methods includes exfoliation, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion.

Pigment Changes
The presence of melanine , results in the gradual darkening of the skin as Afro Caribbean's age. It is particular noticeable on the face, neck and in other sun exposed areas. Often the darkening process is not uniform, resulting in dark and varying shades of lighter patches of skin. Dark pigmentation is treated as outlined above. Lighter patches are usually concealed e.g. foundation, due to the fact that their is currently no effective treatment.

Over time the quantity of collagen in the skin reduces, causing sagging. Sagging is often more pronounced on the areas around the cheeks, jaw line and neck. Sagging can be reduced by exercise e.g. facial exercises mobilises and strengthens the cheek muscles, thereby lifting your cheeks. Dermal fillers and other forms of cosmetic surgery are also options.

Benign Growths
Benign growths called Dermatosa papulosa nigra can occur on black the skin as a natural part of the aging process and exposure to the sun. Although not dangerous, it can negatively affect both a persons physical appearance and self confidence. Fortunately, these growths can be removed relatively easily by simply cutting or burning them off. Recovery is thus relatively quick and without too much discomfort.

Black skin already ages slowly when compared to lighter skin tones. Research and utilise the available products and procedures that will empower you to slow the process down even further.
Think beautiful skin... whatever your age!