Natural Skin Care   
There has been a vast change in the skin care market for many years. It is now a multi billion business with people spending huge amounts of money on skin care, body-care and make-up.

But you really do not have to spend a small fortune on a carrier bag full of goodies in order to achieve a smooth, healthy skin. The secret of beauty care is to be realistic. You are more likely to spend five minutes a day on simple routine than several hours fiddling around with a host of exotic products.

Caring for your skin should be as automatic as cleaning your teeth. Keep looking at your skin for changes and adjust your products accordingly, and be careful in the sun which drains the moisture from your skin, and is the number one cause of wrinkling. But in today’s world the skin has countless other enemies:

– busy, stressful lives, global warming, pollution, eating habits... one could go on forever.

The end result is that women today need more help than previous generations. It's not possible to count the  number of times we hear women say that their grandmother had lovely skin without a bathroom full of toiletries.

Your grandmother also had a number of home-made beauty remedies which were effective and inexpensive. Here are a few eye care tips:-.
- If you have puffy eyes cover them with cold tea bags for 15 minutes

- When you break an egg, dab round your eyes with the white left in the
shell and leave for 30 minutes – it tightens the skin.

- Place sliced cucumbers from the fridge on your eyes and rest for 15
minutes for clear, sparkling eyes.

- If you have hot flushed cheeks, soak two cotton pads in cold milk and
place on cheeks for 30 minutes.

- Place pads soaked in cold milk for half an hour if you have been crying,
to remove puffiness.

- Mix a banana into a paste and spread on hair for 15 minutes as a remedy
for dry hair.

- Mix egg yolk into the banana for very damaged hair and leave on for half
an hour.

- Before tweezing or waxing eyebrows, place ice cubes over eyebrows for a
few minutes.

- For headaches, soak a cloth in vinegar and place on your brow while you
lie down in a darkened room.

- If you have very dry hands, cover them with lard and place in cotton
gloves overnight.

- For very dry skin, apply moisture cream and place face over a bowl of
steaming hot water for 10 minutes.

- Years ago beauty therapists would mix cleansers, toners, creams and
masks in the salon for different skin types.

So if you need help, try these simple recipes for skincare. Why don’t you get a few friends round for a girl's night in?

All the ingredients should be available in your local high street. There are no preservatives in these homemade products, so you will need to make up small quantities and/or store it in your fridge.

Most creams will last several months but don’t let them sit in the sun.

You will need the following equipment:
enamel or heatproof bowl
large frying pan or roasting tin
metal measuring spoon
electric beater or wooden spoon
metal sieve or liquidiser
eyedropper for adding perfume (optional)
jars and bottles
roll of kitchen paper

It takes 10 minutes to make the following cleanser:
half a tablespoon of beeswax
1 tablespoon of emulsifying wax
4 tablespoons of baby oil
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
2 tablespoons of filtered or bottled water
one quarter tablespoon of borax
1 tablespoon of witch hazel
a few drops of essential oil can be added.

METHOD: Measure the wax and oils into a bowl and melt slowly, standing in hot water. In a separate bowl heat the water and borax, adding the witch hazel when the borax is completely dissolved.

When the waxes have melted, remove both bowls from the heat and beat or stir together.

Keep stirring or beating frequently until the cream is beginning to cool. Add essential oil. Continue beating until you have about half a cup of thick, light cleansing cream which will suit all skin types.

Rosewater toner is one of the oldest and best skin tonics, cheap enough to add to the bath or use as a final rinse for hair.

Simply mix one gallon (4.5 litres) of purified water with two tablespoons of essence of roses, and shake together.

Vinegar toner restores the natural acid mantle of the skin. Mix one part wine or cider vinegar with eight parts of water. Leave the bottle in your bathroom.

Honey is a natural healer which attracts and conserves moisture and softens coarse or sensitive skin. This recipe for all-purpose honey cream avoids the stickiness you would expect. It feels a little tacky at first but is soon absorbed by the skin. You will need:
3 tablespoons of lanolin
half a tablespoon of liquid honey
1 teaspoon lecithin.
4 tablespoons warm water
perfume oil (optional)

Melt the oils and honey together over a bowl of hot water and slowly add the water, beating fairly fast and continuously for the first minute, slowing down until it cools.

Add perfume if you wish. This makes a cup of firm pale-coloured cream which keeps well out of the refrigerator. If it gets too cold, it will

Egg yolk is full of lecithin and protein which is why it is such a good skin food. This recipe is for a nourishing egg yolk mask.
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon of almond oil.

Mix together and leave on the face for ten to 30 minutes. You can use the
whole egg if you prefer.

Wash off with cleanser and plenty of luke warm water.

A mild and easy exfoliating treatment is simply to scrub your face gently
once a week with fine ground oatmeal.
Mix a little into a paste with warm water in the palm of your hand and then
rub gently onto the face with small circular movements.

Rinse off.

Add a little sugar for greasy skin.