The Connection Between Hair And Skin Care

When it comes to treating your body well, not enough can be said about hair and skin care. The two are related because much of what can be done to protect the health of one can also be done for the other. In fact, hair and skin care are inseparable when it comes to maintaining health and an overall pleasant appearance. But such maintenance relies upon a few general tips
that must be followed consistently as part of a hair and skin care regime.

First and foremost, as part of an effective hair and skin care regime, proper cleansing is paramount to success. For hair that means a mild shampoo that works within the confines of your particular hair type; for skin it means a gentle cleanser and toner that is made for your skin type. In either case, over
washing can yield unpleasant results; both hair and skin will become dry and lifeless in the face of excessive washing.

Equally important in effective hair and skin care is proper hydration. Your skin should be treated to a daily dose of moisturizer - and even more often for dryer skin. Again, the type of moisturizer you use depends on your particular type of
skin – whether it's oily, dry, combination, or acne prone there is a moisturizer for you. Hydration for hair means a proper conditioner designed for your type of hair and meant for frequent use. For particularly dry hair, you may want to treat
yourself to a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week.

Hair and skin care also means protecting yourself from damaging elements such as the sun. Long-term exposure to the sun can result in early aging of skin and hair. Hair becomes brittle and dry; skin becomes weathered and damaged. Such exposure can even result in skin cancer. Limit your exposure to the sun as part of your hair and skin care; wear sun block at all times – even in the winter. And for those who are particularly fair skinned, wear a hat as much as possible during the summer months – limiting your hair and scalp's exposure to damaging rays.

Take the time to care for yourself. Proper hair and skin care requires a commitment to a consistent regime that will strengthen you hair and skin and deliver you to a higher level of good health and radiant appearance.