Caring for your Eyes

The eyes say it all; they are the windows to our souls. The part of our being that really talks, most people respond to what they read in the eyes without being aware of it. So what do your eyes say about you, are you tired, upset, happy, healthy, truthful or loving. Look in a mirror and see what they are telling you.
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Tired Eyes
Just because you feel exhausted doesn't mean you have to look that way, too. The following treatments will brighten up your eyes.

Treatment for Tired Eyes;
2 Green tea bags
2 slices of cucumber
Cold water

i) Put the tea bags in a saucepan with about 1inch of cold water, leave to soak for 30 minuets then bring to  the boil until the water reduces leave to cool. Remove the tea bags and place the liquid into the fridge. When the liquid is cold apply to the eyes with cotton pads, keeping the eyes closed. Then pop on the cucumber put your feet up and rest for 30 minutes.

ii) To soothe tired eyes, dip cotton pads in chilled milk and place on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Now relax .

Puffy Eyes
Make up problems are the biggest cause of puffy eyes, also too much sleep or to little sleep. There can be underlying problems such as thyroid or constipation.

Treatment for Puffy Eyes:
Dried Chamomile flowers
Length of cotton
Boiling water

i) Put the flowers into a bowl and poor on the boiling water, stirring all the time, until they make a mush. Allow to cool, wrap in a length of cotton and apply to eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes

ii) Grate a potato with its peel and wrap it in muslin square. Make a little bag and keep together with a elastic band. Apply on your closed eyelids for about 20 minutes and relax completely.

Lymphatic drainage for the eyes
Place your third finger of both hands on the bridge of your nose; press very gently. Follow the eye socket out toward the temples, by taking little steps oneat a time. Then circle the temples in a clockwise motion and go back to the bridge of the nose. Do the same across the top of the socket and along the eyebrow again circling at the temples. Repeat this process five times, go back to the nose place your middle finger on the edge of your eyebrow, and press up the forehead until you reach the hairline. Then place your fingers in the middle of your eyebrow and repeat the process. Now put your fingers at the outer edge of your eyebrows and repeat. Do all three steps twice and finish by circling the temples.

Dark circles
Some people are born with dark circles under the eyes, which is more than often due to pigmentation. It can be down to lack of sleep, poor circulation, or elimination in which case lymphatic massage might help. Dark circles can occur as a result of kidney stones or nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin C or iron. Exercise, a good night sleep and a healthy diet seem to be in order, but if they will not go away you can use a lightweight concealer or a light reflective concealer.

Treatment for dark circles:
Rose water
Almond cream

Apply each of these ingredients individually onto a damp cotton pad, place onto closed eye lids, leave for 30 minutes

Removing Dark Circles

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