Perfume - A Must Have Accessory

Men and women wear perfume for different reasons. Young men wear perfumes to attract women and older men often do it as a practice or so that they will not smell bad in public. Young women wear perfume when they’re inspired by friends or their favourite movie star. When they are old they wear perfume to please the person who gave it. Both men and woman have been using perfumes for over 4,000 years.

Perfume is a mixture of fragrances which are synthetic or organic. When combined with essential oils, chemicals and alcohol it provides various pleasant odours. It has become a part of our life that we cannot live without therefore most of us carry a perfume everywhere we go. Everyone loves to smell nice and in return we like when others smell good. People will not like to be close to anyone with a bad odour, but will always love to get close to someone who smells good.

Perfume can be identified mainly by six groups. Floral, Spice, herbal, exotic, wood and fruits are perfume’s different fragrances. Floral perfume will give a smell of one flower or of a group of flowers. Fruity ones will smell like orange, apricot, lime or lemons. Woody smells come from natural wood such as sandalwood and patchouli. Spicy ones will give the smell of cinnamon, ginger etc and exotic ones are usually the masculine scents which smell like tobacco or aromatic wood. The natural perfume smells are created by using different parts of the plant including the flower, fruits, seed, root, bark and the wood.

Apart from natural substances, synthetic perfume fragrances are made by using chemicals and artificial substances. The perfume maker tries to get the natural fragrances by using artificial compounds, thereby distributing to the market in affordable prices.

It is a well observed fact how perfume changes its smell after application. Like music perfume is described in terms of notes. The smell that comes immediately after we apply is known as the top notes. These top notes change after about 30 minutes. These are known as middle notes or heart notes. The middle notes will last longer than other notes. When the perfume fades away the residue will give out another smell which is called the final notes. Final notes come out 3 or 4 hours after application.

Knowing all these it is also worthwhile to know the best way to apply perfume. When applying, the perfume shouldn’t be rubbed to the skin. As a result of the body heat the top notes can be soon evaporated if rubbed vigorously. Instead the perfume should be sprayed at a small distance so that it spreads.

Many people buy perfumes merely by seeing an advertisement seen on TV or a fashion magazine. This is not the correct way to buy the right perfume for you. It may smell too strong, too sweet or even nauseating for some others when applied on your skin. This is because perfumes react differently when applied on different skins. Therefore never buy a perfume on someone else’s recommendation. The trip to the store is really worthwhile to see which perfume smells good on you.


Picture © Ferdinand Harmsen