Face Powder

Face powders are an important step in your makeup routine i.e. they are necessary in order to set your foundation or concealer.

The use of face powder is important to:
          a) set your foundation (with a loose powder) to enable it to stay place
            b) prep your skin to stop you looking like an oil painting within hours of
                applying your make-up
            c) minimise the appearance of pores
            d) applied lightly after wiping away old make-up, it's the ultimate touch

Powers can be loose or pressed, with loose being the lightest and  most natural looking. Loose powers are also available in more colours, they can be custom blended and can be used instead of foundation to even out your skin tone; however they can be messy.  Pressed powders on the other hand are convenient, but can be heavy on the face.

Since most women, regardless of complexion, have yellow-based skin, we strongly recommend that you wear foundations with a yellow base. This will help you have an unblemished  and natural appearance.

Translucent Powders are light in texture and tint and are natural looking. If used over your foundation or concealer, they will  set your makeup without adding too much extra colour.

If you have extra oily skin, it is advisable to wear a matte translucent powder,  which is able to absorb significant amounts of oil.

How to Apply Powder

Face Powder Tips