Lipstick is a make up essential and as such is the the most popular beauty product in the world.

We express ourselves and sexuality through our lips, thus presenting them in their best light will enhance the effectiveness of their statement.


Lips are best presented moist, subtle, glossy and often red. Dry cracked lips need to be avoided at all costs. Lipstick is available for all type of outlets, ranging from the corner store to the  cosmetic counter of one of the largest department stores. It is available in a wide variety of brands, colours, textures and finishes.  The secret of creating the picture-perfect lips lies in the choice of colour and correct application.

You can find lipsticks in traditional tubes, pots, pencils, and even wands with innovative designs emerging daily. While colour selection is a personal choice, current fashion trends also play a big part in influencing a woman choice of lipstick.

How to Apply lipstick

 Using lipstick to Change the Shape of Your Lips

          - full lips: use lighter, softer, sheerer colours i) without liner or
                   ii) draw a line with a pencil just inside the edge of your lips,
        your lipstick should be a shade lighter than the pencil.
            - thin lips: void dark hard colours. Outline the extreme edge of your
              lips with a liner (do not go outside the natural line) that is the
              same colour as your lipstick. This will maximise your lips making
              them appear bigger.
           wide lips:  avoid shinny lipstick and do not wear lip gloss. You can
              also draw a line with a darkish pencil then fade the lines at the
              outer corners and apply lipstick that is a shade lighter than the pencil
           -  crooked lips:  use lip liner to create an even line of symmetry.

Lipstick Tips


Lip Liner