Eye Shadow

The purpose of eye shadow is to bring out your eyes.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face and the point at which you first make contact with others. By using the right eye shadow techniques and colours you will be able to take the fullest advantage of your eye colour and shape.

Eye shadow comes in powders or creams and in singles or colour coordinated groupings. Try to find eye shadows that are highly pigmented, thus ensuring that the shade you see in the container to be the colour you see on your eyes.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Using Eyes Shadow to Change the Shape of Your Eyes

-  small eyes:  to open them up and give more width. apply the eye  shadow so that it covers the lid and place some under the eyes thereby creating a soft slightly smeared effect.
         -  close set eyes:  to make your eyes seem further apart, define the
         outer corner only.
         wide set eyes:  to give a greater sense of balance,  create a narrow
         band of  eye shadow right across you lids from inner to outer eye.
        -  prominent eyes: to reduce the  ‘wide eyed’ look, apply a darker
        shadow to the upper lid, extending it above the natural crease, and
        place highlighting  eye shadow under the arch of your eyebrow.
         droopy eyelids : to lift them use pencil or a dark shadow (softer)  at
        the corners.

Eye Shadow Tips