Blusher plays an important of your makeup regime.  If applied correctly, it can reduce the appearance of features you'd like to disguise, while emphasising  your best points.

Blusher is the only substance that should be used to add colour to your cheeks.  Applied correctly, It will add warmth and colour to the face giving it a natural glow.  Too much ages an older face and is too harsh on a younger one; when using blusher less is best.

Blushers are available in  cream / liquid, powder or gel, in a wide variety of tones. Cream / liquid blushers should be applied before powder.  They work well with normal to dry skin and should be avoided by individuals with oily skin or large pours.  Generally most women prefer to use a powder blush as it is much easier to apply, suits all skin types and can if desired be used on bare skin.  Gel blushers are long lasting, waterproof and are light enough to be blended into  bare skin.

How to Apply Blusher

 Using Blusher to Change the Shape of Your Face

 Using Blusher that Suits Your Skin Type

  Blusher Tips